Nov 9
Millstone Official week 7
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Not even surprised if a Monoculus would have spawned on last hold during the official…
No, we are not kidding, in week 7 we played Millstone, a Halloween themed map in Team Fortress 2.
There are no spells included, so you can’t set people on fire, or get an uber out of nowhere, and no annoying explosive pumpkins either.

To be fair I feared that we would have some struggles in figuring out this map. Its not known to be played in
competitive. This is why I decided to scrim the map and get to know the map some weeks before the official took place.
To be fair it helped a lot to play some pubs during the Halloween event.

On this payload map it’s hard to have a good hold, that is how we experienced it. There are basically two good holds where you can get a lot of time from. These are the third and the last hold. Third is amazing to hold because of the choke and a quick walk out to the last point. You can make easy repushes by taking the big amount of ground behind you.

I think our team had problems in the start to work together as a whole, but at the last round, to make it 2-0 and win, I felt we were back as a team. We had a great hold on third and last, and we pushed on offense quickly and simultaneously.

Olli went insane on the first defense with his demo and sniper picks, aswell for a drop on the medic. Crypto and Hannibal where working together amazingly and our flank was always there on the right time to push or to work together.

My opinion? I think this map could belong in a competitive map rotation. It’s a great payload map like Upward, a hard last push and good places to hold. Just the unknown of the map makes everything quickly going to negative.

Now lets enjoy Halloween a bit more, and awaiting the last week of UGC incoming; koth_product_rc8!




Nov 7
Rockin132 – The spy
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Starting up the first post on this blog with an interview about Rockin123.
Rockin is the Spy main in Frog Village HL since January 6th 2015.

Rockin likes a lot of class based shooters, this is why he is playing Team Fortress 2.
He likes how the classes have a speific role and counters to other classes. Also the
dynamic of those classes working together.
He thinks that the costumisation is nice, it feels like he’s playing a character instead of
a model that walks around the map

He said that he likes TF2 the most because of how the Spy works, he doesn’t know any other class based shooters
with a class even similar to the Spy. This is also the reason why he picked Spy as his main class.
He loves the mindgames that you can play with Spy, its a lot more about picking the right place;
you have to know when to strike, and you need to read people
as opposed to knowing where they’ll be and being able to aim and dodge better.

Rockin didn’t know a lot about competitive, but when he saw it he decided to try it.
He started his own highlander team in Steel S17. Sadly they dropped early because of
a lot of reasons.

What he likes the most about Frog Village HL is that he is playing with friends.
He says that the team dynamic increases the better you know people.
Since he’s been in FV for awhile he knows a lot of people.

What I think about Rockin?
Rockin is a real teamplayer. He’s always there for team suggestions, realiable, and an allround amazing person to play with.

”To play spy good is to use all tools effectively when the situation demands” – Rockin132