We are organizing regular 6v6 double mixes for players of all skill levels. Everybody with basic knowledge of game mechanics is more than welcome to join. We will make sure you feel loved.

What is a double mix?

Double mix is a match played in competitive 6v6 format with some class limits and some banned weapons. Teams consist of 2 scouts, 2 soldiers, 1 demo and 1 medic. Offclassing to other classes is of couse allowed (heavy or pyro to defend last point, sniper or spy to get that important medic pick), but permanent offclass is frowned upon. Teams are picked before each match. We use “last to spec med” system. That means, when all the players join the server and there are 6 players in each team, everybody rushes to spectate. Last two players play medic and melee fight on middle control point for the right of first pick. If there are players of very different skill levels you should try to pick balanced teams so everyone can have fun.

For communication, we use free and open source VoIP client, called Mumble. You can download it HERE. Connect to our Mumble server is available in the Servers section of the webpage.

Join our MIX GROUP to recieve announcements of the ongoing mixes.

What happens in mixes stays ... no, wait ... it goes to youtube: Bunch of funny clips.