Currently, we have two active teams. One playing in ETF2L and the other in UGC.


Wrong Password, first all-Slovenian team ever was founded in late 2013 to compete in the Season 17 of the ETF2L 6v6 league. With more and more players joining the competitive scene, another team Reborn e-sports was born to compete in Season 19. It was pretty successful season for Reborn e-sports, as they won 2nd place in their group. Wrong Password on the other side showed really poor performance losing all their matches. After the season some of the players lost interest, others were occupied elsewhere, and both of the teams disbanaded. A few of the players formed new team with high expectations for season 20 and appropriately called it Revolušn. Season 20 brought us some more foreign players, which led to assembling another international 6v6 team: A+5.

Both of the teams showed average performance and yet again both disbanded after the season. For Season 22, new international team was formed once again, named Turbo Hilda Turtles. You won't believe it but that team as well only lasted a single season...

For last two seasons (24 and 25) there was new team made - Legende. Back to the roots! As we, once again, managed to get a roster of 6 Slovenian players. In Season 24, team missed the playoffs by only 1 map win. Unfortunately, Season 25 turned out to be worse, with the team finising in the bottom half.


Beside 6v6 league we also have teams competing in Highlander league. For season 7 of HL ETF2L league 9 Ounces of Kopi Luwak. team was formed, which didn't see really much success and disbanded shortly after the season. But nothing to worry, as new team - Applechips - was born from its ashes. The team consists mostly of new players which are very keen to learn and climb higher. Team finished in the upper half of the Open Tier. Considering this was the fist season for most of the players, that was a huge success. As the seasons went on, some people left for higher tier teams, some stopped playing. So we switched to UGC. Team with refreshed roster finished their first UGC season with positive match score 5-4. Next season (Season 19) turned out to be huge success, ending regular season on top of the scoreboard. With some bad luck in the playoffs the team ended on final 3rd place in Steel and granted theirselves promotion to Silver for the upcoming season.


Scouts: Binksi & Matt

Soldiers: Kuki & meejay

Demoman: frixx

Medic: Jan

Frog Village Highlander

Scout: Vanice

Soldier: Jan

Pyro: Scorch

Demoman: Crypto

Heavy: Hannibal

Engineer: Parkingturtle

Medic: Lin

Sniper: olli

Spy: Rockin

In loving memory of: