What is Frog Village?

We are an online gaming community formed from players who gathered around their favourite game – Team fortress 2. Our official roots go back to beginning of 2013 when brothers Jan and Gal decided that it would be awesome to have their own piece of Internet. So we acquired our own domain and setup first TF2 server. We spent hours on it having fun and abusing admin powers. We are based in Slovenia and in the beginning there were only a couple of us locals. But as the time went on, we were making new online friendships (a lot of which now became even offline) and soon we crossed the borders of our small country and today we have members from all over the Europe.

How we got the name?

The name was Gal’s idea. We live in a neighbourhood called “Žabja vas” in Slovene. With “žaba” meaning frog and “vas” meaning village, Gal said why wouldn’t we just translate that directly into English. And Frog Village was born.

From pub to competitive

As the time passed we started to get bored of just playing the game casually and wanted to try competitive. And as of today we have a couple of TEAMS playing under our community. That also meant we needed new server to practice and play matches on. It didn’t take long to get new server started along with Mumble for communication. Nowadays Mumble isn’t only used for matches, but it has become the meeting point for all our community members and non members alike.

Want to know us better?

Hop into Mumble for chat or just join us on one of the game servers. Don’t worry, we don’t bite.